October 2021 LIONS RANathon 5G E2E products are verified by O-RAN OTIC lab

LIONS RANathon 5G E2E gNB products, including O-RU, FHGW, O-DU and OCU, are verified by O-RAN OTIC (Open Test and Integration Center) laboratory, Auray OTIC and Security lab. Below are conformance list verified by the third party test.

  • Performance and Stress Test
  • 3GPP 38.511 SCAS test (partial)

September 2021 LIONS joins O-RAN Alliance

In order to participate more activities of O-RAN community, LIONS is now a member of O-RAN Alliance. LIONS’ end-to-end RANathon O-RAN solution, including O-CU, O-DU, FHGW, and O-RU, is compatible with O-RAN standards. It is also suitable for operator or private 5G applications. We are eager to develop products based on customer’s request.

August 2021 LIONS O-RAN is a tested gNodeBs of open source Open5GS 5GC

Open5GS is a popular open source 5G core network software for many deployments. Tested products include LIONS RANathon O-CU and O-DU, RANathon RS8601 Indoor O-RU, and RANathon XG8600 Fronthaul Gateway. 5G UE can connect to Open5GS via the RAN network successfully with good performance. Reader can check the list in Open5GS GitHub.

July 2021 LIONS 5G SA O-RAN solution pass Interoperability test with 5GC from Nokia and Ericsson, respectively

LIONS RANathon 5G O-RAN end-to-end products successfully connect to Nokia and Ericsson, separately, and finish all related IoT items. The IoT last a few days due to hardware connection issues. No significant obstacle found in the process. We also log performance data for up-link and down-link communication.

Mar 2021 LIONS End-to-end solution has DSUUU frame structure throughput numbers

DSUUU frame structure performs well in uploading scenario, thus is suitable for hi-definition video uplink transmission, DSUUU frame structure. Massive video up-streaming is popular in private 5G applications. As of now, the end-to-end performance of LIONS gNB is recorded as:

Uni-directional TCP
DL MIMO layers: 4
UL MIMO layers: 2
Downlink 256QAMUplink 64QAM
DDDSUUDDDD (Japan TDD-Sync)1.57Gbps165Mbps
DDDSUUDSUU (Japan Semi-Sync)916Mbps331Mbps

Dec 2020 LIONS 5G O-RAN SA End-to-end solution tests DDDSUDDSUU, DDDSUUDDDD, and Semi-sync DDDSUUDSUU frame structure

Responded to customer’s requests, LIONS O-CU and O-DU can support additional NR frame structures. DDDSUDDSUU is adopted by some mobile carriers. And private 5G customers in Japan use DDDSUUDDDD and Semi-sync DDDSUUDSUU frame structures . These frame structures support various scenarios. LIONS finish the upgrade in a short development and integration time.

Nov 2020 LIONS debuts O-RAN Fronthaul Gateway with split 7-2–>7-2x for flexible network deployment

Considering coverage is the initial priority for many private 5G customers, LIONS has Fronthaul Gateway (FHGW) in its product line. FHGW, coupled with BBU, can link up to 8 O-RUs per unit simultaneous. Also FHGW can be stacked with another FHGW that a cell can support max. 16 O-RUs for coverage enhancement. FHGW can support remote site deployment for a cell.