LIONS Technology

RANathon 5G O-RAN Small Cell

LIONS’s RANathon 5G O-RAN product includes O-RU, FHGW, O-DU and O-CU.

Many countries are reserving or releasing spectrum for NPN (Non-public network) applications. Therefore, enterprises can own 5G network that meets its needs. It provides reliability, latency, bandwidth and security for use cases. LIONS’ O-RAN compliant end-to-end Stand alone (SA) RANathon 5G small cell products are developed for the purpose.

LIONS knows that a high-quality RAN solution takes more than software. Radio signal is the media carrying the mass traffic of 5G, anyway. LIONS team has been in carrier-grade equipment industry since 3G and 4G era. we have rich experience of RF, hardware, software, and integration for 5G Small Cell products.

Leaders with vision nowadays know the necessity of digital transformation. LIONS’ RANathon 5G O-RAN Small Cell products pave the road to success in the 5G era.