Aug 2020 5G O-RAN SA end-to-end solution indoor field trial supporting smart manufacturing application in Taiwan

LIONS 5G O-RAN products support 3GPP R15 which emphasizes eMBB characteristics. In this PoC, customer applications includes AR for material sorting and high definition video transmission for AGV navigation. The factory is located in north Taiwan and is owned by a world class company.

Aug 2020 5G O-RAN SA end-to-end solution is ready, recording throughput with DDDSU frame structure

LIONS implements DDDSU frame structure first as it performs better in downloading application. In August, product development reaches reliability and stability targets that end-to-end downloading and uploading throughput is recorded. In this stage, performance is still not optimized and more improvements are to be introduced.

May 2020 5G O-RAN SA BBU (O-CU and O-DU) finishes Interoperability test with 5GC from III, Polaris, and QCT

LIONS 5G SA O-CU and O-DU is tested with 5GC (5G Core Network) from various vendors. Polaris is a mainstream 5G testing platform 5GC. While III (Institute for Information Industry) is a Taiwan government supported research tank for software and information technology. And QCT (Quanta Cloud Technology) is world’s No. 1 infrastructure provider for cloud and data center market. End-to-end connection with popular 5G mobile phone is also carried out.

Dec 2019 LIONS O-RAN NSA BBU (O-CU and O-DU) pass 5G Interoperability test with CISCO EPC

LIONS’ NSA BBU cooperates with 4G LTE EPC core network. The first implement follows O-RAN standards and O-CU and O-DU definition. The package is running on COTS (Commercial off-the-shelf) server. LIONS O-CU and O-RU finishes Interoperability test with CISCO 4G EPC in a short time. Minor problems are solved with minimum modification to BBU.

July 2019 5G 0-RAN NSA technology development commences

Upon accomplishing 2G/3G/4G products R&D and business in 2018, LIONS team members were focusing on the O-RAN 5G technology. We believed the 5G open standard will bring another wave of Taiwan success in standard-based industrial business. The team rolled sleeves and went working on it. Lions 5G O-RAN gNB architecture and HLD were done before establishing LIONS companies in 2019 to carry the mission.