LIONS’ management team accumulate years of mobile radio access network (RAN) experience since 2G/3G/4G generation. Knowing that 5G NPN is different from traditional PN application and the former can ignite enormous 5G potential for private sectors and users cannot served by the latter architecture, LIONS is dedicated to leverage O-RAN advantages and internal develop capabilities, including hardware, software, FPGA programming, and SIT know-how to build up end-to-end 5G O-RAN NPN solution. We can also offer optimization and customization for applications for customers.

In order to construct an excellent 5G O-RAN NPN product line, it takes multiple elements in our every product. In these elements, O-RAN, RF technologies, flexible configuration, and AI-edge platform are what we think as common points in our mind.


Lions’ products follow O-RAN Alliance specifications and 3GPP specifications. All products are equipped with open and standard hardware and software interface, thus preventing vendor locking in for
customers. Lions’ end-to-end integration guarantee optimized performance and reliable operation.

RF Technologies

Radio signal is the ultimate and only carrier to transmit/ receive huge traffic for customer end devices. Lions team have been working on developing and fine-tuning RF PA for years. With delicate implementation, radio access can be better quality, noise immune, and low power consumption.

Flexible Configuration

Lions’ solutions are designed with NPN in mind.  Whether application topology is organic growth, maximum coverage/ density, or remote location deployment, we provide product features that easy installation/setup process and reduce cost of ownership.

AI Edge Platform

In some scenarios, minimum latency is critical for customers to achieve his/her goal. Responding requests in network edge is a common strategy to reduce latency for network planning. Lions’ FHGW can function as a AI edge platform to support business-related manipulation regarding latency improvement.