LIONS’ management team has accumulated years of mobile radio access network (RAN) experience since 2G/3G/4G generation. Knowing that 5G NPN is different from traditional public network application and 5G NPN can ignite enormous 5G potential for private and campus users, LIONS dedicates to leverage O-RAN advantages and accumlated capabilities, including hardware, software, FPGA programming, and SIT know-how to develop end-to-end 5G O-RAN NPN solution. Thus, we can also offer optimization and customization for customers’ application.

An excellent 5G O-RAN NPN product line rely on multiple fundamental elements. In LIONS’ case, our differentiation stems from O-RAN, RF technologies, fronthaul gateway, and end-to-end capability.

O-RAN Compliance

O-RAN (Open Radio Access Network) standards, defined by O-RAN Alliance, describe interoperability and standardization of RAN elements including a unified interconnection standard for white-box hardware and open source software elements from different vendors. LIONS’ O-RAN technology focus on:

  • Network elements and interfaces: LIONS’ gNB solution is divided into O-RU, FHGW, O-DU, and O-CU. Fronthaul interface support O-RAN 7-2x Category A split/ eCRPI. And Back haul interface is N2 to AMF and N3 to UPG.
  • Management: Northbound Interface bears NetConf API for integrated and automatic network management. And every network element provides EMS for easy user operation. O-RAN fronthaul M-plane is provided for multivendor management and fault recovery of O-RU.
  • Network function virtualization: LIONS’ O-CU and O-DU adopt accelerating NFV architecture on x84 COTS server hardware with acceleration card. Software can be containerized for flexible edge or cloud deployment. Hardware acceleration card enables faster physical signal processing and higher overall performance.

High power RF technologies

5G NR (New Radio) is the fundamental of massive data traffic and lower latency performance of 5G wireless communication. RF power consumption also constitutes the majority of power consumption for 5G gNB. To optimize the RF performance, LIONS provides:

  • Transmit power up to 40W/Channel: Rooting in PA module, LIONS team is familiar with RF technologies. Output power range of current O-RU products range from 250mW to 5W per channel. Considering all factors, LIONS RF technology can deliver O-RU with 40W per channel transmit power, based on customer’s request.
  • MIMO antenna configuration: MIMO can vastly improver communication performance in uplink and downlink paths. LIONS O-RU carry 4T4R SU MIMO technology. It is soon to be upgraded to MU MIMO mode for better cell capacity.
  • Optimization techniques: Performance of RF signal determine communication quality and power consumption of O-RU. Multiple RF optimization techniques, including DPD (Digital Pre-Distortion), CFR (Crest factor reduction), AGC (Automatic Gain Control), and ALC (Automatic Level Control), are just some of the improvements applied.

Front haul gateway for flexible deployment

FHGW sits between O-RU and O-DU and enables coverage expansion for gNB. It connects to O-RU and O-DU both in O-RAN 7-2x Category A split/ 10G eCRPI interface and fiber optic cable. FHGW is ideal for flexible network deployment. It is equipped with below functions:

  • Remote deployment: FHGW can be placed where is away from O-RU and O-DU. Maximum distance between FHGW and O-RU is 15KM and maximum distance between FHGW and O-DU is 100KM. For application demanding less density per cell, FHGW can enable a gNB support multiple sites with ease.
  • Flexible coverage expansion: Two FHGWs can cascade together to support a cell. And one FHGW can connect up to 8 O-RUs, including indoor and outdoor ones. That is, a stacking FHGWs can support up to 16 O-Rus for a cell. Factoring in O-RU numbers and distance, the solution can maximize network coverage and dramatically reduce TCO of RAN.
  • Remote power supply: In cases where indoor O-RU cannot access power supply nearby, FHGW can supply power via special power cable to O-RU directly. Power cable from FHGW to O-RU can extent up to 200M. There are 8 AnyTek power outlets on front panel of FHGW supporting up to 8 indoor O-RUs simultaneous.

5G O-RAN O-CU/ O-DU/ FHGW/ O-RU end-to-end capability

LIONS team dedicates all our energy to the development of 5G O-RAN products. Besides RF technologies mentioned above, LIONS also has key core competences including 5G protocol stack software, FPGA programming, Network function virtualization, network management and system integration/ testing. We will cover below themes:

  • Focus on Radio Access Network: Because 5G O-RAN is our focus, overall performance of RAN can be ensured. Also, technology roadmap can be at the forefront of the industry. LIONS keeps 5GC knowhow inside to optimize the Interoperability between LION RAN and 5GC.
  • In-house RF/ HW/ SW/ SIT capability enabling customization: Knowing that vertical application is diversified and application-specific, LIONS products are designed with modularity and flexibility in mind. Customization is more feasible since LIONS team develop all the details inside and master telecommunication products.
  • Flexible frame structure supported: Unlike public network which preferring standard frame structure, 5G vertical application requires various frame structure support for various applications. LIONS gNB can work with DDDSUDDSUU, DDSUU, DSUUU, DDDSUUDDDD, and DDDSUUDSUU. Other formats can be developed on customer’s request.