RANathon O-CU and O-DU

Integrated hardware and software package including O-CU and O-DU functions.


  • Duplex mode TDD
  • Support multi-Cells
  • 384 registered UEs perCell
  • Configurable slot format: DDDSUDDSUU, DDSUU, and DSUUU
  • Network function virtualization


3GPP StandardR15
Server hardwareXeon Gold 5220, 18C/36T,
2.2GHz – 3.9GHz, Cache 25MB
Network InterfaceBackhaul: O-RAN 7-2x Category A split/ eCRPI
Fronthaul: N2 to AMF/ N3 to UPF
Transmission SchemeDL CP-OFDM/ UL CP-OFDM/ UL DFT-S-OFDM
Bandwidth and NumerologyBandwidth 100MHz/ Numerology 1/ Spacing 30KHz/ Normal CP/ Total RB (Resource Block) number 273/ Total SC (Subcarrier Spacing) number 3276
Duplex ModeTDD – Time Division Duplex
Frame Structure5ms DDDSUDDSUU, symbol in switch slot 10:2:2/ 2.5ms DDSUU, symbol in switch slot 10:2:2/ 2.5ms DSUUU, symbol in switch slot 10:2:2
CapacityRegistered UEs : 384/ Activated UEs : 128 : UEs per TTI : 8
BWP1 – 4 DL BWP (including initial DL BWP) – 100MHz/ 1 – 4 UL BWP (including initial UL BWP) – 100MHz
PRACHShort preamble, L = 139K; Format B4: Number of repetitions 12/ CP length 15.25us/ Preamble length 400us
HARQDL asynchronous HARQ/ UL asynchronous HARQ/ 16 parallel HARQ processes
PDCP12/18 bits SN for DRBs/ IP header compression and decompression/ Ciphering and Deciphering/ Reordering based on SN/ Duplicate packet detection and removal/ Integrity protection
RRCRRC states (IDLE, Connected, Connected Inactive) and state transfer/ MIB broadcasting/ RRC Connection establish, re-configure and release/ SRB establish and release/ DRB establish/modify/release/ ARQ configure/ HARQ configure/ Paging/ Measurement/ Mobility management
NG InterfaceHandover/ Paging/ UE context management/ PDU session management/ NAS message transport/ NG interface management
Xn InterfaceHandover/ Paging/ UE context management/ Xn interface management
F1 InterfaceUE context management/ RRC message transport/ Paging/ F1 interface management